Wednesday, October 26, 2005

BioScanIR Presented to Investors Today

Yahoo Finance is reporting that Advanced BioPhotonics, a Long Island, NY based developer of next-generation medical imaging applications will present its first market-ready product, the BioScanIR at the PIPEs Inverstor Conference in NYC today. From the article:

The BioScanIR® System measures abnormal blood flow by detecting minute changes in the pattern of infrared photon emissions over time, called photon flux. The detection and analysis of these changes to blood flow enables physicians and medical researchers to differentiate between normal and abnormal tissues and to determine disease conditions. The system is designed to assist physicians in assessing underlying pathologies in a completely non-invasive, non-toxic, relatively low-cost and very rapid method.

Alright guys - I think if you're a publically traded company presenting financial information to investors, it's time to get your own domain name. This business is just embarrassing.


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