All Too Flat Contest Contest
Announcing the All Too Flat Contest Contest! We at ATF have wanted to host a contest for some time now, but haven't been able to think of any briliant ideas. So we decided to leave that up to you! The concept is simple: propose an idea for a contest we can host on our website. The winning entry will then become the First (Not Counting This One) All Too Flat Contest! There are a whole bunch of other lame incentives too: see the prizes section for more details!

  • You're contest will be held on All Too Flat!
  • You'll get a Shout Out in our News section
  • $5 coupon to Mall Too Flat
  • The Challenge
    Design a contest that we can host on All Too Flat. There are no restrictions on what type of contest you propose, but realistic ones will have a higher chance of winning. The winning contest entry will be chosen by a panel of ATF judges based on originality, feasability, humor, and potential entertainment value. Points will be deducted for poor grammar in your entry form.

    The requirements are simple:
  • Propose a contest
  • Propose prizes for winners of your contest
  • Submitting an Entry
  • Send all entries to You must include your name and a valid e-mail address so we may contact you if you win!
  • You may enter as many times as you like
  • Employees of All Too Flat are not eligable (sucks for us!)
  • Entries must be received by 11:59pm EST, March 31, 2002
  • Suggestions and Hints
  • Your contest should be realistic. We can't hold a Airplane Contest where people mail us really big airplanes and the biggest wins. Aside from not being funny, it isn't so realistic. Things that people can submit over the Internet are definitely better, like text or digital pictures.
  • The prizes shouldn't be crappy, but they should be realistic too. We're not giving away free trips to Galapagos or anything like that. But your picture on ATF is a pretty good prize, no?
  • Here are some example competitions to get you started
    • All Too Flat Advertising Contest - Advertise ATF in some outrageous way (like paint our URL on the side of your dog) and send us a digital picture.
    • Really Clever Baby Naming Contest - Suggest a name for Ben's first born child such that the name itself is a puzzle. The kid won't know that his/her name is a puzzle until Ben dies. It could then be stated in Ben's will that the child has to solve their name puzzle to earn their inheritence. It's brilliant, no? The tough part is coming up with a semi-plausible name such that the kid won't know it's a puzzle. And it's got to be really tough too- an anagram for the inheritence location (i.e. Henddertudeb Stein won't cut it, and neither will a locker combo such as R15,L42,R9 Stein) Anyway, this would make a pretty good contest.
    • Slam Dunk Contest - Digital pictures of you dunking
    • All Too Flat Programming Contest - Program some really cool feature for All Too Flat (for example, make it so that when KennyF visits our site it says "Welcome Back Recidivism")
  • Most likely we'll keep you posted on the number of entries received and other funny stuff that's going on with the contest. As of 60 seconds after we launched the contest, we still have no entries.
  • Fine Print: ATF reserves the right to do anything they want with the entries. Once you submit an entry to us, we own you. We also swear that this contest is not fixed by some organized McDonald's Crime Ring and you DO have a chance of winning. Odds depend on the number of entries recieved, but our estimate is around 1 in 3.
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