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This is ATF's collection of funny content. Well, we think it's funny. And that's pretty much all that matters, right? Almost. We also hope the ladies find it hilarious too. I mean, what's the point of spending all your time programming a dorky website if it's not going to get you chicks? C'mon ladies! We're 3 wild and crazy guys! Oh, if you're a dude, you can cut right to the chase and look at some magnificent boobies (Over 18 only, please).

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You've Spent Too Much Time on ATF when...
10. You know the name of Laura's fish
9. You assume everyone knows what bel paese is
8. You've done an elgoog search for "sdrawkcab" to read the results normally
7. You know what a Gurt is
6. You've called to inquire about the status of your job application
5. You relized the lion is still there
4. You rate the "Sheep with no legs" joke a five 1200 times to pad the stats
3. You get the Horseradish Tree joke (subtle one there, huh?)
2. You see a pregnant woman and you give her the link to Name My Baby
1. You give that pregnant woman a ATF baby tee as a shower gift!
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