Thursday, October 27, 2005

Radiology Communication & Documentation

Vocada & Commissure, two radiology technology firms have linked up to create "the first integrated solution for medical communications and documentation."

Vocada sells voice software that enables diagnostic radiologists to streamline their communication with the rest of an organization. Commissue provides a documentation and communication platform that is based on patented voice recognition software.

By integrating these two solutions, radiology departments for the first time will be able to fully automate the entire clinical workflow for ordering, documenting, communicating and reporting radiological examinations, thereby setting new benchmarks for physician productivity and patient safety.

The product is set to be unveiled at this year's RSNA conference Nov 27th-Dec 3 in Chicago.

I have to say, I'm always pretty skeptical about voice recognition software of any kind. My phone can't tell the difference between "Mom" and "Grandmother". Not sure I trust my diagnosis to voice recognition: hernia, herpes, and hemerroids all sounds way too similar if you ask me!


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