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1.2003/01/13Who's your daddy?
2.2003/02/10Favorite section of ATF?
3.2003/02/17Where are you right now?
4.2003/02/23Am I hot or not?
5.2003/03/03What's your favorite era Michael?
6.2003/03/10What's brown and sticky?
7.2003/03/17Where do you get your news?
8.2003/03/24How do you spend your evenings?
9.2003/03/31Who is your favorite Beatle?
10.2003/04/07Which one would you?
11.2003/04/14Which one would you?
12.2003/04/21Debunking myths for the good of humanity at the expense of a fish or 2?
13.2003/04/29Best part about summertime?
14.2003/05/05What's the most disturbing expression of popular culture these days?
15.2003/05/11What did you do while All Too Flat was down?
16.2003/05/19Favorite wolf?
17.2003/05/26Favorite RPS throw?
18.2003/06/02How many spam do you get each day?
19.2003/06/09Thing you least wanted to know about your significant other:
20.2003/06/16Favorite Flanders?
21.2003/06/23How do you feel about adults reading childrens books?
22.2003/06/30Best current summer blockbuster movie?
23.2003/07/07Favorite Everyflavor Bean?
24.2003/07/14I'm not internationally known, but I'm known to...
25.2003/07/21Favorite prime number under 20?
26.2003/08/11Second favorite search engine?
27.2003/08/18What did you do during the power outage last week?
28.2003/08/25Vanilla Yogurt?
29.2003/09/01When do you floss?
30.2003/09/15Favorite office supply store?
31.2003/09/22Cellular Service Provider?
32.2003/10/06How do you connect to the internet at home?
33.2003/10/18Test Poll Question
34.2003/10/20World Series 2003?
35.2003/10/27Google's stock ticker symbol should be:
36.2003/11/03Favorite 10 o'clock?
37.2003/11/10Favorite Matrix movie?
38.2003/11/17When I vote on ATF...
39.2003/11/24Favorite non-commital phrase.
40.2003/12/01What will you look forward to after the release of The Return Of The King on Dec. 17th?
41.2003/12/15My preferred December holiday:
42.2004/01/05My New Year's Resolution:
43.2004/01/12Best original TGIF sitcom:
44.2004/01/19My current form of underwear:
45.2004/02/02Why did you watch Super Bowl XXXVIII?
46.2004/02/09Who is going to win the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show?
47.2004/02/16Favorite Oscar?
48.2004/02/23Favorite Comic Cat:
49.2004/03/01How many digital devices (e.g. cell phone, pda, ipod, laptop, etc) do you carry?
50.2004/03/08Favorite Member of The Electric Mayhem?
51.2004/03/15Least favorite day?
52.2004/03/22Best part about spring?
53.2004/03/29Text ads on ATF?
54.2004/04/05Best Continent?
55.2004/04/12Coolest prize?
56.2004/04/26I _____ the sandbox.
57.2004/05/03Best HBO original series?
58.2004/05/17Favorite Base?
59.2004/05/31The weather outlook?
60.2004/06/07Spy vs. Spy?
61.2004/06/14Favorite Milk
62.2004/06/21Favorite Ghostbuster?
63.2004/07/20Best ipod?
64.2004/07/26Serious AllTooFlat activity burst: Can the boys keep it up?
65.2004/08/02Favorite RPS Gambit?
66.2004/08/09What's the best superhero name for a Rock-themed hero?
67.2004/08/11Best the best superhero name for a Scissor-themed heroine?
68.2004/10/19What was the comic-book event of 2004?
69.2004/10/23Who's head is this:
70.2004/11/01For whom will/did you vote?
71.2004/11/02For whom will/did you vote?
72.2004/11/03Which of the following Simpsons catchphrases most accurately captures your feelings on the election results?
73.2004/11/15Which of the following is the fonkiest funk-song exclamation?
74.2004/11/22Which of the following best describes your Thanksgiving eating habits?
75.2004/11/29What do you think of our new server?
76.2004/12/09Which of the following is the greatest recent musical tragedy?
77.2004/12/12Can 100,000,000 Bon Jovi fans be wrong?
78.2004/12/19What roles should Ben, Ton, and Kennyb play in the upcoming ATF Nativity Scene?
79.2004/12/26Best part about 2005?
80.2005/01/02Now that the final Extended Edition Lord of the Rings DVD has been released, what the hell do I have to look forward to in my life?
81.2005/01/09What is your favorite Skittle flavor?
82.2005/01/16According to my TiVo programming guide, how many hours per week does MTV devote to playing music videos?
83.2005/01/23How can Britney Spears revive her career as America's slightly slutty sweetheart?
84.2005/01/30If you were an Iraqi, for whom would you have voted this past weekend?
85.2005/02/06Did you notice that we doubled the RAM in our server?
86.2005/02/13¿Quien es mas macho?
87.2005/02/15Have you used your laptop in places laptops should not be used?
88.2005/02/17Why did so many of you pick the squarest answer in the poll about using your laptop in inappropriate places, thus really disappointing Sean, the guy who worked really hard to come up with that poll?
89.2005/02/24Ever drop the C-bomb?
90.2005/02/28What could have made me watch the Oscars last weekend?
92.2005/03/14Favorite King?
93.2005/03/21The staff of All Too Flat have not updated the site much in recent weeks because they are all working on top-secret projects. What do you think these projects are?
94.2005/03/28The staff of All Too Flat have not updated the site much in recent weeks because they are all working on top-secret projects. What do you think these projects are?
95.2005/04/04The staff of All Too Flat have not updated the site much in recent weeks because they are all working on top-secret projects. What do you think these projects are?
97.2005/04/05Now that they have been evicted from their apartment due to excessive jackassery, what should Ken and Ben do?
99.2005/05/02I can't function in the morning until i've had my cup of ...
100.2005/05/14How would you prefer we address you?
101.2005/05/27How's it goin'?
102.2005/06/06What do you read on the toilet?
103.2005/06/23You're in the living room getting it on. Until when are you not leaving?
104.2005/06/30You've got 99 problems, but. . .
105.2005/07/18How many copies of "Harry Potter 6" are in your household?
106.2005/08/05Favorite 8 or 10 point scrabble letter
107.2005/08/26Do you click online ads?
108.2005/09/30The following shows are all highly ranked on Sean's TiVo's To Do list. Which show has Sean set as his TiVo's highest priority?
109.2005/10/09¿Quien es mas macho?
110.2005/10/15Is this your homework, Larry?
111.2005/10/28Is Harry himself a horcrux?
112.2005/11/16What day do you have tickets to see Harry Potter 4 in the theaters?
113.2005/11/23Are you scared of bird flu?
115.2005/12/09What are you toasting to tonight?
116.2005/12/24Do you believe in Santa Claus?
117.2006/01/032006, Year of the ...
118.2006/01/10Why do you think was getting DDOS's this weekend?
119.2006/01/26What is best in life?
120.2006/02/02Which is the best line from Road House, starring Patrick Swayze?
121.2006/02/09Kennyb has switched to using the command-line dbx program for his C and C++ debugging. Does this make him a:
122.2006/02/16How will you be spending St. Patrick's Day?
122.2006/02/16How will you be spending St. Patrick's Day?
123.2006/03/16How will you be spending St. Patrick's Day?
124.2006/03/23Didn't Joe Strummer look just like Jerry Seinfeld?
125.2006/03/30Okay, fine. Maybe Joe Strummer didn't look just like Jerry Seinfeld. But Mick Jones sure did, didn't he?
126.2006/04/06Spring has...
127.2006/04/13Kennyb ordered a MacBook. Who's next?
128.2006/08/02What's your most commonly used alias?
129.2006/08/09What's your favorite social network?
130.2006/08/16It's been months since the ATF team posted a new poll. Why?

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