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I wonder if these alt texts are like those little producer title screens that come up at the end of TV shows.
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Poll #73 -- 2004/11/15
Which of the following is the fonkiest funk-song exclamation?
"Ffffffffreedom!" (The J.B.'s, "Doing It to Death")
3 / 73
"Hit me now!" (James Brown, "Get Up I Feel Like Being A Sex Machine")
22 / 73
"In the jungle, babe!" (Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band, "Do Your Thing")
6 / 73
"Loose booty!" (The Meters, "Just Kissed My Baby")
13 / 73
"Uhhh!" (Barry White, "I'm Never Gonna Give You Up")
29 / 73

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