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Poll #93 -- 2005/03/21
The staff of All Too Flat have not updated the site much in recent weeks because they are all working on top-secret projects. What do you think these projects are?
Restoring "The"s to all the band names they'd cut them from back in the day so that iTunes wouldn't alphabetize them all under "T"
7 / 34
C'mon, that's important.
0 / 34
And time-consuming. I own a lot of "Beatles" and "Rolling Stones" and "Dandy Warhols" records.
0 / 34
Actually, I think I'm going to leave the Beatles alone, because the only Beatles album now listed as by "The Beatles" is Let It Be...Naked, which kind of should be separated out from the rest of them anyway.
2 / 34
I fixed The Strokes a long time ago, now that I think of it.
1 / 34
Oh wait--I fixed The Rolling Stones a while back as well. So maybe nevermind?
1 / 34
6 / 34
Um, some other top-secret project.
17 / 34

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