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Here are scans of the All Too Flat Scientist Cards, Series 1. The complete series will be available for purchase exclusively from this website at some point in the coming year. Also, unless you are a total baseball card efficianado, you probably don't get the brilliance of this page. We'll give you a hint- click on the little preview images to see the original baseball card!

Also, you can click on the (  ) to learn more about the scientist.

| Thomas Edison | Richard Feynman | James Clerk Maxwell | Isaac Newton | Albert Einstein |
| Marie Curie | Stephen Hawking | James Watson & Francis Crick | Jane Goodall | Claude Shannon |
| Niels Bohr | Louis Pasteur | Leonhard Euler | Edmund Halley | Wolfgang Pauli |
| Bert Vogelstein | Bill Nye | Leonardo Da Vinci | Carl Sagan | Alan Turing |
| Sigmund Freud | Stephen Jay Gould | Rachel Carson | Carl Friedrich Gauss | Ivan Pavlov |
| Willebrand Snell |

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