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Amazing Text Fun Downloads

This is the download page for the alltooflat text-based adventure engine (AmazingTextFun).

Maingame.exe - An executable of the game engine. Download this file to play any ATF Text Games. This executable only works on a pc-compatible computer. X-machines, macs, etc. must download the source code (below) and recompile using their favorite perl compiler.

EngineInterface.exe - The game editor for the game engine. Want to develop a game for our ATFun engine? Download this handy little delphi executable and go nuts. Be sure to check out the help page for information on game development. So far this has only been tested on Windows 9X machines. There has been intermittent reports of unusability of this executable on Windows XP machines (although it worked on mine). No solution is currently available for this problem (if you have one, feel free to contact me And if you do make a game, please tell us and we'll be happy to host it for download here!). - All of the source code for the Amazing Text Fun engine. The engine is written in perl. The engine has been released under the GNU Public License, so your window of opportunity for stealing and selling has past. Sorry! - All of the files that I generated for this little project: Download here in one swell foop. Includes source code, executable, all the games as of 9-09-02, the Game Editor, and assorted help files.

All .zip files can be unzipped using Winzip, which can be downloaded from their site.

In order to compile / run source code, you need to have a perl interpreter installed on your computer. You can download a free perl interpreter from ActiveState (This is not necessary to run the .exe file if you are running Windows).

Please contact if you have questions, concerns, or development issues with this package. Such as it is.

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