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Particles is a screen saver of particles combining and exploding as they bounce around the screen. The parameters of the physics model are highly customizable, and simulate the following interactions:
  • Attractive force (gravity) between particles.
  • Attractive force (gravity) between particles and the ground.
  • Fusion of colliding particles.
  • Elastic collisions with the walls of the screen.
  • Elastic collisions between particles.
  • Repulsive force between close particles.
In addition, the screen saver also has the following features:
  • Fading particle trails.
  • Explode the final particle after all particles have fused.
  • Show velocity and acceleration vectors.
  • Show the center of mass.
  • Change the frame rate.
  • Multiple monitors support. Use the multiple monitors together or separately.
  • Customizable particle colors.
  • Save and load the model parameter settings.
Particles is still in beta testing, so let me know if you find any problems or have any suggestions to help improve the screen saver.


Particles requires Mac OS X. It has been tested on versions 10.1, 10.2, and 10.3 (but not 10.0). There is a Windows version is also available, but is unsupported now.


View the Particles Readme or a description of the Particles Physics Model.


Particles v0.7 beta for Mac OS X

Old Downloads:
Particles v0.6 beta for Mac OS X
Particles for Windows (old version)


Particles is donationware. What's that mean? It means that the screen saver is provided to you for free and is not disabled in any way. If you like it and you're feeling generous, then a donation is greatly appreciated and will help in the development of Particles and future projects. The suggested donation is $5 and can be made using Pay Pal.

Questions or comments: email particles<at>alltooflat.com

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