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ATF Premiers
New York City! The City That Never Sleeps. Where the stars come out to play! And so do the ATF jackasses!

What a great City to get dressed up in costumes for our favorite new movie (and occasional book) premiers! For some strange reason, we keep misplacing our private invitations to real movie premiers, so we have to settle for second best: the public opening nights!

So without further ado, we present to you

ATF Public Costumed Appearances:
  • Legally Blonde 2: Hooray! Elle Woods is back in the sequal of the greatest legal movie of our time. And of course, the ATF team was on scene for opening night.
  • Harry Potter 5: The long awaited Harry Potter 5, The Order of the Phoenix was released June 21st, 2003, at 12:01am. We set out for Toys R Us in Times Square the gala event and countdown with 1,500 other people!
  • Men in Black 2: On July 26th, 2002, Agent J and Agent K set out to save the world from aliens once again. This time, they had a little help from Agent B and Agent K.

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