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The poetry contained herein is of varying quality, and there is no guarantee, stated or implied, that what is presented has any redeeming value whatsoever. To be honest, there is a distinct possibility that reading any page on All Too Flat will result in a sharply lowered ability to reason. Side effects have been compared to those arising from repeated blows to the head from something hard and flat.

Haiku: A beautiful Japanese poetic form. Brutalized on this page by kennyb.

100 Haiku: The three of us wrote 100 haikus in under 2 hours. See what a mess we made.

Yeast: Perhaps the finest piece of literature written in the 20th century, from one of the most disturbed minds.

Boustrophedonic (1): A preview of what's to come...

Iambic Pentameter: A meter in which there are five iambs (pairs of unstressed and stressed syllables) in each line.

Seans Corner: Poetry from the extended family of alltooflat. Includes the highly acclaimed Law and Order cycle.

Guest Haiku: Selected haiku submitted by guest poets.

The Tale of Bumblesneer: A long form poem in the style of Shel Silverstein. Taken from the pages of Kennyb's A Jackass in the Attic.

NEW: Pictures from the first All Too Flat poetry slam!

Do you have a haiku that you'd like to share? Your latest masterwork of rhyme and meter burning to escape the confines of an analog world? Do you dream of being the Alltooflat Poet Laureate of the year? Share your work with us! Email your poem to the Fish.

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