Rock Paper Scissors 2004
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Keeping with our usual Polly-Anna-esque outlook on life, the ATF RPS team wasn't going to let a little defeat get us down. The next morning we hopped in the car and picked up a dozen Tim Horton's donuts, which we payed for with a Looney and a Tooney (what a great country).

We then took a little detour to Niagara Falls. Kennyb threw scissors.

And finally, last but not least, in fact definitely most, we hit Wegman's (the good one) in Rochester for some sublovin'!

  • Update! 12/16/2004: Citibank has apparently seen our RPS uniforms and have copied our style! Check out this ad with a superhero wearing Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars! We should totally sue them! I wonder if they'd mind just direct-depositing my winnings into my checking account...

  • Update! 2/13/2005: We were written up in the Cornell Alumni Magazine!

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