The Making of the Bible According to Cheese
Welcome to an All Too Flat behind-the-scenes exclusive on the Making of the Bible According to Cheese. (Woof, that's a mouthful!) People are e-mailing us all the time with questions about the Bible Accoring to Cheese (which you can abbreviate Bi.A.T.Ch.!) and here is a sneak peek into what really goes into making such an educational web site.

Note: If you haven't visited the Bible According to Cheese yet, you can see it here

Before we begin, I have an interesting question to propose to you: What does cheese say when you take a picture of it?

As with any project, it's important to get your supplies together first. Key supplies were play-dough, pipe cleaners, popcycle sticks, tape, glue, construction paper, googly eyes, and a ton of cheese.

The first tableau was Edam and Eve (chronological, of course). And yes, we did use real edam!

Next came building the little cheese dudes. Believe it or not, super glue works really well on imported cheeses. Here's a shot of Edam before his eyes were in the right place:

Next came Solomeunster, Abel Paese, and Asiagoliath. And yes, they are all the real thing:

Here's a nice post-production shot of Asiagoliath:

Ben back at the cutting board, making Cain and Abel Paese:

And here are some pictures of the cast hanging out on the set. Cain is chilling in the back while Abel Paese tries to catch forty winks. Asiagoliath is looking badass, as usual.

A nice close-up of David. No cheese pun with this one, but he's so darn cute!

Here Ben is trying to get that whole illusion-of-motion effect of pouring water in the Parmesean the Baptist vignette.

After a long day of work, Parmesean the Baptist retires to his trailer:

Where Are They Now?
What ever became of the one-hit wonders of the Bible According to Cheese? Every wonder what became of your favorite cheeses? After their sudden explosion into the spotlight, they spiraled into a never-ending battle with drugs, booze, and women. (You've all heard of Wine and Cheese, right?)
An exclusive All Too Flat reporter has managed to catch a glipse of the famous cheese actors in their current state:

Cheese Bible - Book 2
This is a list of the Bible-cheese puns that didn't quite make the cut for the first season. Please e-mail us if you have any more!
  • The rise and fall of the Romano Empire
  • The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost (Swiss cheese)
  • Cheezekial
  • The Life of the Ghouda
  • Appenzellots (they fought against the Romano Empire)
  • Mozzerallaban (Rachel and Leah's father who tricked Monterey Jacob into marrying the wrong daughter)
  • Cheddarius (King of Persia)
  • Samsonoma Jack and Delilah (in which the story of Samsonoma's capture by the Philettasteins is recounted)
  • Castiglianoah's Ark

    Our paparrazzi has managed a more recent snapshot of the fallen stars of the Bible According to Cheese:

    Well. We offered our little friends for sale on e-bay, but no one bid. Our reserve was $0.99! And we couldn't even get that much! So sad. As a result, our little friends met with an untimely doom:

    This website is entirely fictitious. Any similarity to actual cheese, pastuerised or unpastuerised, is purely coincidental. No animals were harmed in the filming of this web site, except the cows given recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone to force them to produce unnatural quantities of milk for the dairy industry.

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