All Too Boustrophedonic
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Woah! Here we go, nothing like you ever know     
     t'nod uoy ,ecar esroh a ni ,wols er'uoY     
     even show Follow - lyrics you're gonna find 
 annog si enoyreve taht ,sdnuos ruoY elbappotsnu 
 find quite droppable Down, like little Timmy in 
 ot uoy ekat annog sligreV ,lliks teop oN llew a 
 Hell Dis - appear into some newly formed ring   
  gnis htob uoy sotnac htiw dnuoP arzE ot txeN   
  Broken, stutter-step nothing lyrical           
 dnif lliw dlrow eht semhyr citpesitnA           
 hysteerical My words enlighten even mystical    
       neht ,stnematset pu gnidliub m'I sdaeh    
       tearing them to shreds Calling down       
 ym ni seimrA uluhtC ,laaB ,gogaM - srewop       
 grasp, I fight like a Zulu Warrior, with a dash 
  ta emoc sevom retsaM neknurD yM nahC eikcaJ fo 
  you again and again - but cry its some dark    
     dna ,niarb ruoy ot pu sepor gniyt secrof    
     tearing apart with charging horses Well     
     retseilA em llac tsuj ,enif tsuj s'taht     
     Dropping black arts, or sin, like my name   
 ward ll'I sehtolc ym no oS .ennyrP retseH saw   
 a red "A" But in rhyme that is my grade, and    
     sedalb gnihsalF ydderF si eman ym smaerd    
     like Logan, I got speed like Flash.         
  htiw neek sa dna siuqraM a sa derutluC         
  a lash In my dungeon you languish I vanquish   
   taeb eht morf evas nac ralveK oN sremoc lla   
   of my drummers I've got maidens around, both  
    er'uoy gnizilaer tuohtiW nori dna dehcuotnu  
    entranced by the song of my Siren-like       
                             .senot teclu
Lyrics: Kennyb
Boustrophedonic Conversion Program:
Downloader, Extractor, and Runner of the aforementioned program: Ben
Author of this software in PERL: Kennyboustrophedonic

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