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All Too Flat Mobile
Huge! This page is dedicated to All Too Flat Mobile (ATFm). Come here to learn more about ATFm.

To check it out, point your WAP enabled device (cell phone with wireless web, you luddite!) to (N.B. Don't try it in your browser- web browsers, while able to display XML can not display the text/wap.vnd.wml MIME type and it'll probably try to Save it to Disk). You can go right to the jokes at

So far we've only got the Joke Repository online, but it's actually pretty useful. Like when you meet a hottie at a cocktail party, can't think of anything witty to say, so you pull out your WAP enabled phone to look up a joke. I mean, it doesn't help you score, but you figure you probably weren't going to score anyway, so you might as well be reading funny jokes on your Nokia.

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