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To Dara, Best Wishes, Kennyb

One night Kennyb, Ton and Ben slept at Laura Iliff's house when she was away for the weekend. Her roommate Dara has a very sexy autographed head shot of Matt Dillon on her wall:

You know what would be really funny? If we took a picture of Kennyb posing like Matt Dillon, printed it out, and replaced the original with Kennyb. "Hey Kennyb! Pose like Matt Dillon!"

First things first. We needed to fix up the image so it looked right. That's some good Photoshopping, Tiggz! (note the shadow removal. Very nice.)

Then to print it out- Kudos for Ton for all that black ink. But let's be honest: there is a lot of ink in a cartridge. That's some good printing, Tiggz.

Now to sign it: "Dara, Best Wishes, Kennyb"

A little Arts and Crafts... Some careful cutting and pasting and we got the new picture in the frame, looking great

Hang that bad boy up... (note the reflection in the mirror. We like to call that "artistic." But then again, what do we know about art? We are a bunch Phillistines)

Check out the final result! Very nice!

But why stop with just one picture?
We decided to replace ALL of Dara's pictures with pictures of ourselves in the exact same poses as the people in the pictures!
A picture of Ton and Corn and a picture of Biggie Smalls and Corn:

Ben, the official arts and crafts dude, cut it out and slid the picture into the cube frame.
And check out the results:

(In case you couldn't tell, Dara and her friends are in the cube already, about to be replaced with pictures of us.)

A job well done!

So Dara came back from break and thought it was really funny. What made it even funnier is that she has never met Kennyb! And what's even funnier than that, is that she kept his picture up on the wall to this day!

So this was our first prank! pretty stinking funny, no? But the torment of Laura and Dara didn't stop there. Read about our adventures with Laura's fish Gingy.

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