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All Too Flat Fish

Laura Iliff has a lovely fish named Gingy:

Yes, this is the same Laura who's house we stayed at during the To Dara, Best Wishes, Kennyb prank! Anyway, we figured these girls haven't gotten enough abuse from us yet, so we decided to pull another photography prank.

Arin insisted that since our site is called All Too Flat, we really should go around replacing things with flat versions of the things. Gingy was our first victim. Our plan was to take pictures of the fish, laminate them, and replace the real Gingy with the fake one!

First we took some lovely portraits of Gingy:

We rushed home and split up tasks. Ton was in charge of Photoshopping the Gingy pictures, while Ben set out to do some waterproofing...

We needed to do some cheap laminating, which was done with a little bit of packing tape. It actually worked really well! Ben did a bunch of waterproofing experiments.

With some good Photoshopping by Ton, and some careful cutting by Ben, we got some pretty sweet waterproof little fishies!

After much debate, Ton added weights (staples) to the bottom of the Flat Fish so that it would float vertically underwater rather than laying horizontally on the surface.

Alright. Almost done. Now all we have to do is get back to Laura's, not kill her fish, and replace it with the new (and improved!) one.

And here is our final masterpiece:

We'd like to thank Laura and Dara for being such good sports. And as a token of our appreciation, we have included pictures of Dara and Laura's boobies.

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