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I Struck Out
Such a disaster.
Four games of pool and a kiss.
Waste of my quarters.

Total Disaster
Greek style meets Snoop Dogg.
Tragedy in many ways
Euripides nutz.

Why I Hate Seeing People from High School
A random meeting.
Why on Earth did I say hi?
I had naught to say.

Untitled I
Jeff pays the rent check?
A letter from my landlord:
Five days 'til you're out.

Fuck New York I
No, really. Fuck it.
All I ordered was a beer.
I don't have ten bucks.

Mmmmm... Ice cream
Chocolate in thirty -
Reality matches hope.
That's ice creams beauty.

My favorite is: 'Let's put the "eros" back in "rhinoceros"'
I laugh every time
I take even the quickest
look at Seans alt-text.

Fuck New York II
Eighteen hundred ten?
One bedroom with no bathroom?
Oh, it's in the hall.

Survivor: ATF
Voted off the site.
Yeah, there can be only one.
Who's the best jackass?

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