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Seans Corner
The ability of the alltooflat community to waste time is rivaled only by its willingness to accept new members into the fold*. Sean Collins, K.S.C. is a veteran time waster who came to the attention of the alltooflat team when it was discovered that his ability to waste time at work was so profound that he actually became a time-wasting vortex, forcing those around him to do their own work.

Sean brought to us these haikus (haiku being the form of poetry that takes the least effort), most of which are an interesting sub-class of time wasters, called "meta-time wasters." That is to say, these poems, which themselves were a waste of time, are in fact about wasting time. You can see the twisted genius involved, the subtle virtuosity it takes to waste time in such an efficient and elegant manner. Another testament to his ability to squander precious minutes is the fact that the alltooflat editing team has had to add extra pages to encompass all of his writings.

The Law and Order Haiku Cycle
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Page 3

*Statement made to come off looking like nice guys. We are not in the habit of indiscriminately accepting new members. If you think you have what it takes to be on the alltooflat team, take a look at our careers page.
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